Regarding The Ernest Brooks Foundation

What is The Ernest Brooks Foundation?
The Ernest Brooks Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating and promoting those who shape our understanding of the world through the creation of visual media. The Ernest Brooks Foundation carries a 70-year legacy of upholding the highest standards of excellence in photographic education, research, scholarship, community outreach, and the advancement of careers in the field of visual arts.

The Foundation established initial partnerships with the University of California Santa Barbara and the Alumni Association of Brooks Institute, who share in the Foundation’s vision of enriching the education of perceptive, skilled and creative photographers, cinematographers, and visual artists.

Is Brooks Institute back?  Who are the new owners of the Brooks Institute of Photography?  Who are the financial backers of the new Brooks Institute of Photography?
No, Brooks Institute remains closed. The Ernest Brooks Foundation is a newly formed and completely separate organization. The Foundation was formed as a nonprofit organization in 2018.  

Regarding Brooks at UCSB

Why did the Ernest Brooks Foundation choose to partner with UCSB, and what is Brooks at UCSB?
The Ernest Brooks Foundation recognizes that as the world is portrayed and interpreted by images, professionalism and quality are crucial to producing incisive visual imagery; UCSB offers a dynamic environment that prizes academic inquiry and interpersonal connection to inspire scholarly ambition, creativity, and discoveries with wide-ranging impact.

Because of the geographic location, but most-importantly the philosophical commonalities, the Foundation established a partnership with UCSB for students to explore their passions and ambitions through a critically-grounded, hands-on curriculum to become insightful, skilled and creative photographers and image makers.This program is now known as Brooks at UCSB.

What types of courses are part of Brooks at UCSB?
Brooks at UCSB classes are offered through UCSB s Professional and Continuing Education. The variety of classes appeal to students of all experience-levels, as well as aspiring and professional photographers, who want to improve and excel in their skills. All classes will include the elements of learning by creating images and understanding the tools available to the photographer.

Are the new Brooks at UCSB courses accredited?
No, these courses are for non credit. Please visit each Brooks at UCSB course page for additional information:

ART X401 - Photo Boot Camp
ART X403 - Visualizing Our Natural World

Will there be a certificate available through UCSB Professional and Continuing Education?
At this time, courses are offered as individual courses and not as part of a certificate program. As The Ernest Brooks Foundation and UCSB develop Brooks at UCSB, certification is being considered.

Are the former faculty members of Brooks Institute now faculty at UCSB?
They are adjunct faculty of Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) at UCSB.

Are there scholarships available for the Brooks at UCSB classes?

The Ernest Brooks Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships for the following Winter Quarter 2019 Brooks at UCSB classes: Photo Boot Camp and Visualizing Our Natural World. There are two scholarships available for each class in the amount of $250 each. For more information and an application click here.

Regarding Brooks Alumni NOW

Who is considered a Brooks Alumni?
Persons who have attended Brooks Institute of Photography, as a student and have successfully completed at least one (1) academic year of study are considered Brooks Alumni.

Will UCSB recognize transfer credits and/or a B.A. from Brooks Institute/Brooks Institute of Photography?
At this time, transferability of Brooks Institute course credits and degrees are dependent on the former school's accreditation at the time of the completion of courses and/or study.

Where can I get an official copy of my transcripts from Brooks Institute of Photography?
Parchment is the official keeper of all transcripts from Brooks and can provide both official and unofficial copies.