To my fellow Brooks Alumni:   We—the Alumni—are the Brooks Legacy.  For nearly 2 years, a key group of alumni, including Ernie Brooks, as well as former Brooks faculty, carefully crafted an intentional and masterful plan to create a bright, promising future for current and future Brooks Alumni.  The formation of The Ernest Brooks Foundation, along with the announcement of Brooks at UCSB, are key moments for the Brooks Legacy, with a future rooted in trust, inspiration and excellence.  

Trust from a solid partnership between the Alumni Association and the Foundation.

Inspiration from Ernie himself, who elevates and motivates us to work intentionally and passionately to accomplish this shared mission.

Excellence in our common goal: to elevate those who shape our understanding of the world through the creation of visual media.

I am proud to be a Brooks alum, honored to serve with my fellow Association Board Members Brooke Hansen, Jensen Sutta, Marvin Nauman and Setareh Vatan, and especially Alumni Association immediate past-President Matt Harbicht.

We are humbled to work with Ernie and the Foundations Board of Directors, and proud to count you in the next chapter of the Brooks Legacy.

I encourage you to learn more about The Ernest Brooks Foundation on this Web site, including ways to get engaged with and support the foundation.

Looking forward,

Jack Wimberly

President, Alumni Association of Brooks Institute &
Advisory Board Member, The Ernest Brooks Foundation

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Brooks Alumni Association Board Officers

President – Jack Wimberly
Secretary – Brooke Hansen
Past President – Matt Harbicht

Board Members:
Jensen Sutta
Marvin Nauman
Setareh Vatan
Matt Harbicht (Ex-Officio)

The 9,000+ member Alumni Association of Brooks Institute has remained strong since its formation in the late 1990s. In 2018, we partnered with the newly formed Ernest Brooks Foundation to become the Brooks Alumni Association .