Our Mission

To support and enrich the knowledge and education of those who shape our
understanding of the world through photography and the creation of visual media.

The Ernest Brooks Foundation is the embodiment of the 70-year Brooks’ philosophy to
inspire and uphold the highest standards of excellence in photographic education and research. We promote the advancement of careers in the field of visual arts through academics, scholarship, and community outreach, and maintain the legacy pioneered by Ernest Brooks Sr. by facilitating and nurturing relationships and opportunities among its alumni.

As a first step in our mission, we have established a collaborative partnership with UC Santa Barbara for students to explore their passions and ambitions through a critically-grounded,
hands-on curriculum to become insightful, skilled, creative photographers and visual artists.

Taught by Award-Winning Photographers and Former Faculty of Brooks Institute of Photography:

Offering Brooks’ Experience to a New Generation.

We are proud to announce the establishment of an exciting new collaboration between The Ernest Brooks Foundation and UC Santa Barbara. Through this relationship we will build on the 70-year history of producing the most perceptive, skilled, and creative artists in the field of visual communications. We look forward to offering innovative courses and programs to our students and members of the community who wish to carry on the Brooks tradition of excellence. We are particularly excited to draw on the highly-accomplished  base of creative and entrepreneurial Brooks alumni and former faculty.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring and important journey.

Ernest Brooks II


Dr. John Majewski



Founded in October 1945, Brooks Institute of Photography owed its existence to the vision of Ernest Brooks Sr., a pioneer in the use of color photography. Returning from service in World War II, he recognized that the increasing importance of visual communication in contemporary… read more >

Board of Directors

Ernest H. Brooks II
Founder Emeritus
Former President, Brooks Institute
Brooks Alumnus '62


Tom Ligare, CLU®, CAP®

Executive Director (Interim)
Director of Development,
The Ernest Brooks Foundation
Founder, Planned Giving Marketing
  Solutions, LLC
Former Instructor, Brooks Institute

Lynn Martin
Arts Advisor and Advocate
Former Brooks Institute Trustee
and Academic Affairs Chair

James W. O'Keeffe
Professor of Film, USC
Producer, PBS
Brooks Alumnus '80

William Robbins
Educational Outreach
Former BFA Program Chair
Instructor, Brooks Institute

Marcia Rubenstein
Board Chair (Interim)
Educational Outreach
Former MFA Program Chair
Instructor, Brooks Institute

Guy Smith
Executive Director, SynED
Former BA Program Chair,
Antioch University, Santa Barbara
Former Director, School of Media Arts,
Santa Barbara City College

Michael Verbois
President, Media 27, Inc.
Former Vice President of Education
Instructor, Brooks Institute
Brooks Alumnus '72

Jack Wimberly
President, Brooks Alumni Association
and Chair of Brooks Alumni Committee,
The Ernest Brooks Foundation
Brooks Alumnus '02

Advisory Board

Shukri Farhad
Advisory Board Chair
Founding Board Member
President, M27 Editions LLC M M M MM
Brooks Alumnus '87

Beth Farnsworth
Journalist and Producer
Anchor, NewsChannel 3,
KEYT, Santa Barbara

Matt Harbicht
Advisory Board Vice Chair
President, Harbicht Photo
Productions, Inc.
Past President, Brooks Alumni Association
Brooks Alumnus '02

Thomas Maddrey
General Counsel,
The Ernest Brooks Foundation
Attorney / Founder, Maddrey PLLC
Brooks Alumnus '05

Thomas Maddrey
General Counsel,
The Ernest Brooks Foundation
Attorney / Founder, Maddrey PLLC
Brooks Alumnus '05

Dr. John Majewski
Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities
and Fine Arts, UC Santa Barbara
UCSB Advisor to The Ernest Brooks
Foundation and Brooks at UCSB